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House of Worship

Christie Christie Helps Deliver a Message that Matters

Northview Christian Church provided unique installation challenges with its dome-shaped structure

Northview Christian Church
When leaders at the Northview Christian Church in Dothan, Ala. decided to build a new 2200 seat worship facility they contacted All Pro Sound to help them design and install an integrated audio, video and lighting system that was leading-edge, met their standards for performance and quality, and fit within their budget constraints. They knew that they wanted (and needed) high quality IMAG capabilities but did not really know the best approach for the unique, domeshaped structure they were designing.

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In today's places of worship, it's important that the message can be seen, heard and understood -- from the front row to the last pew. Visual displays can captivate and assist in weekly services and other programs outside of traditional worship. And Christie can help deliver a message that matters.

Specifying an Effective Church Projection System

Christie Digital SolutionsEngaging and inspiring today's congregation is increasingly difficult in a world saturated with corporate and secular images. The key is to make each service more creative and interactive, most often with large-screen projection. Learn how to find the right projection system for a variety of worship applications. Read the article.

Christie Video Feature

See Christie MicroTiles at the E4 AV tour

Churches Choose Christie MicroTiles.
The MicroTiles provide a practically seamless digital canvas that produces ultra high-resolution images that have not been seen in churches until now. MicroTiles lock together in seconds, can be stacked in any number of shapes and sizes and are mountable on a wall when space is at a premium.

Churches Choose Christie Projectors.
In addition to having the brightest HD projector in the world, Christie offers the broadest range of LCD, 1-chip and 3-chip DLP projectors, which are ideal for auditoriums, breakout rooms, meeting rooms, sanctuaries, worship halls and more.
See Christie's entire projector line up.

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