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The Sophistication & Simplicity Of ARHT Media

Showcase presenters and content in their most engaging form. Leverage leading edge Holographic TelePresence creating a powerful connection with your audience. Almo is the exclusive U.S. distributor of ARHT Media solutions.

Sense Of Presence You Need To See

· Position your content and organization as future-forward.

· Easier access to premium talent from around the world.

· Avoid presenters’ scheduling conflicts.

· Eliminate the need for time-consuming travel.

· Simultaneous presentations in multiple locations.

· A life-like presence that won’t be soon forgotten.


See a live interview with Almo’s Sam Taylor (in Baltimore, MD) and rAVe Pubs founder Gary Kayye (in Chapel Hill, NC) that shows holographic telepresence with ARHT Media’s Virtual Global Stage. Appearing on the same stage with no editing, no latency and having a real-time conversation about this emerging technology that’s exclusively distributed by Almo in the U.S.

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Using proprietary technology, capture studios & standard projection equipment it delivers a reliable, turn-key solution. It beams presenters into one or multiple venues at the same time from anywhere, to anywhere in the world via the internet.

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The Holographic Solution

ARHT Media mounted a holographic display at the event in Vancouver and had Sunlife’s executive captured and transmitted live as a hologram to the event from our Toronto studio. He was able to see the audience and interact with them in real-time as if he was attending the event and present in the room. The audience attending the event was amazed at the realistic nature of the hologram. Watch the Live Hologram Presentation At The CPBI FORUM 2019.

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Virtual Global Stage™

A premium digital on-stage experience streamed online that eliminates the need for a venue, travel, or the gathering of presenters and attendees.

Now panel discussions, fireside chats, training events, town halls, product launches and much more can happen in a virtual environment like never before.

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