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Expand Your business with our suite of audio-visual services for integrators

Scaling your staff to meet customer demands is a constant challenge for integrators & installers. That’s why Almo has expanded its services to include digital signage and Pro A/V installation—when and where you need it. Our reseller partners can “white label” our services as their own creating a seamless experience for the end user. Our IS staff is experienced, highly trained and follow a well-vetted scope of work, created with the assistance of you and input from your customer.

Jay Saret, CTS, DSCE

Toll-free: 888.420.2566 x6635
Fax: 215.554.6635

Supported manufacturers: Content Creation Services and Contract Labor & Project Support

Specialties: Digital Signage Content Creation/Management, Digital Signage, Media Players/Software, Labor/Technicians, Project Management, Outsourcing Managed Services

An impressive combination of digital signage, integration and sales experience give Jay distinct skills to help you evolve and succeed. His practical knowledge of each phase of digital signage creation and audio video systems design and installation position him to be an indispensable asset to you.

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