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Back Stage: Almo Global Business Team Sales Director Has Big Plans for New Initiative, By Craig MacCormack, Commercial Integrator - July 21, 2017

JC Delgado hopes the Almo Global Business Team will help U.S.-based manufacturers establish their brands in Latin America, Europe, Asia and beyond.

If you haven’t done a lot of work on the residential side of the AV industry in the past quarter-century, you may not recognize Almo Global Business Team director of global sales JC Delgado.

Delgado, 42, started his career in the systems integration world as an intern at Estyma Trading in 1993. Before coming to Almo in January, he was the longtime managing director at Sharp, but his move to Almo represented his first foray into commercial integration.

“Our main focus right now is to establish the brand internationally and become an added-value distributor,” says Delgado. The effort will start mainly in Latin America, also touching Europe and Asia. The push to go international started when Almo acquired IAVI last year.

“We are solidifying our relationships with the top customer partners in each vertical market and in every country we reach to become the same reliable source for specialized product, technical expertise, competitive pricing, managed services, training, and unsurpassed customer support outside of the U.S.,” says Delgado.

The Almo Global Business Team plans to establish a presence in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia first then build from there.The team is an outbound sales team that visits customers throughout the world to understand the unique needs of each geography. Every team member is bilingual in Spanish, Portuguese or both languages.

“While we are rooted in these regions, we have also expanded into other geographies and now have the ability to serve international resellers from more than 75 countries around the world,” says Almo executive VP and COO Sam Taylor.

Commercial Integrator: Why was it important for Almo to create this Global Business Team?

JC Delgado: “Distributors play a big role in the chain. There’s a need for more options. Customers are more educated than they ever have been and companies that have never been outside the U.S. are getting that additional exposure. What’s made Almo so successful in the U.S. is having those personal relationships so we have to build that same thing wherever we go with this Global Business Team.”

JC Delgado is focused on Almo Global Business Team establishing presence in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia … and then beyond.

CI: How does your experience in consumer electronics help you in your new role as director of global sales for the Almo Global Business Team?

JCD: “I can relate to some of the frustrations they’re talking about. Distributors have a major role in pro AV and that’s very different than on the consumer side.”

CI: What’s your vision for the Almo Global Business Team?

JCD: “There’s a lot of room for growth. There are a lot of emerging markets in Latin America and Asia that we see as having great potential. The best part is that I’m working with so many talented people who have given me such a feeling of welcome, which has been tremendous. They support all my crazy ideas.”