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Almo Corporation Maintains Long Legacy of Giving Back to Community, Commercial Integrator - February 10, 2020

Almo recently created Do Good Day program that will allow company’s more than 600 employees to spend one workday every year helping others.

Almo Corporation president and CEO Warren Chaiken is proud as the third-generation leader of the family company started by his grandfather, Morris Green, in 1946 to carry on the legacy of philanthropy that’s permeated the walls of the business for almost 75 years.

That spirit of giving back to the community where Almo employees work and live was even more pronounced when Chaiken’s father, Eugene, ran the company and is more obvious than ever under his leadership today through the Do Good program adopted in 2019.

That initiative allows all of Almo’s 600-plus employees to take one day every year off to work on a philanthropic endeavor without having to burn a vacation or personal day or calling in sick. It’s part of Almo’s four-pillar philosophy: family, integrity, innovation and teamwork.

“Giving back isn’t an obligation,” says Chaiken. “It’s a privilege. The communities that we live in and work in are part of our fabric. All our employees, when they leave every day, go back to these communities. We want to make sure they’re strong and that we help where we can.

“Being a family business, we believe in giving back. By doing that, it really has become part of the culture of this company,” he says.

Why Almo Gives Back

Almo’s involvement with Ronald McDonald House started with monetary donations, but they now do cooking and cleaning at some of the facility’s locations, says Chaiken. The company also donated equipment to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House last year.

“Anyone can give money,” says Chaiken. “The bigger and more important thing is when you do something physical and you can see the impact you can make for somebody.”

In addition to his year-round work with the Ronald McDonald House, Almo runs an annual food drive, which sometimes includes Almo employees giving the turkeys they get every year from Almo leadership to food banks to give to those who are less fortunate and can use them more.

Almo’s philanthropy also includes blood drives, Secret Santa efforts with St. Luke’s Hospital and a dunk tank that’s dubbed Splash for Cash, which raises money for the American Cancer Society and other large organizations.