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Absen- C6404-0-06

Panel Package | XD4 plus, 640x640

Manufacturer: Absen
Category: Outdoor
SKU: C6404-0-06
Availability: Call
MSRP: $2,449.00
The Absen’s XD Plus Series offers a range of premium display units made with advanced technology to withstand outdoor conditions while offering an enhanced viewing experience. With a smaller, slimmer and lightweight aluminum construction, the display panel series deliver various outdoor application compatibility, along with hosting fully sealed modules and power supply units for maximum weather-resistance and security. Ribbon-less module plug-ins and all-in-one power and data access boxes are included in the Absen’s XD Plus series, for high functionality.
  • The Absen’s XD4 plus 640x640 panel package allows an adjustable viewing angle of 140°/110°.
  • The XD4 plus panels weighs 41.9 lb. and have a smaller pixel pitch of 4.4 m, ideal for outdoor billboards and signages, especially those facing direct sunlight.
  • Featuring remote monitoring functions, panels provide real-time performance tracking and instant fail-detect notifications.
  • Simultaneous, live contact is supplied to devices such as computers and mobile phones to keep a check on the panel workings.
  • Real-time wireless temperature, humidity and operation feedback is also delivered to avoid any damage-risks while installed in outdoor conditions.
  • XD4 plus panel packages offer a brightness level of 5000 nits, with a front service rating of IP65 and a rare service rating of IP54.
  • A data core with smart receiving technology and integrated power is promised with every panel in the XD plus series design.
  • A revolutionary SMD design ensures a wider viewing angle and a closer viewing distance.