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Absen- C6408-0-05

Panel Package | XD8 plus, 960x640

Manufacturer: Absen
Category: Outdoor
SKU: C6408-0-05
Availability: Call
MSRP: $2,599.00
The XD Plus series features an extremely tough weatherproof design that has fully sealed modules along with a power supply. The permanent outdoor display panels feature ultra-high brightness and which is built to survive the direct sunlight. The provision of a real-time wireless feedback system allows to keep a track of the humidity temperature, and other operations too. The super-light aluminum cabinet is manufactured 33% thinner than that of the X-Series.
  • The outdoor digital display signage is designed with 7,500 nits brightness along with 16-bit grayscale, which offers better visual performance.
  • The XD8 Plus digital panel supports a small viewing distance owing to the provision of an 8 mm pixel pitch.
  • It helps to keep a stern check on the live feed via PC and mobile devices with the real-time performance tracking system. It also keeps a track of the temperature, humidity, and other operations.
  • The digital display billboard signage for outdoor sports venue is made with a super-light aluminum cabinet, that is 33% thinner than X-Series.
  • The display billboard comes with mounting holes, thus, making the rear installation easier and hassle-free.
  • XD8 Series display panel billboard boasts an extremely durable and tough weatherproof design with a power supply and with fully sealed modules.
  • The convenient front installation along with the easy maintenance, ease the process, while the display’s installation thickness is less than 7.9 inches.
  • The XD8 Plus digital panel with integrated power and data core weighs 44.1 lb.