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AMX- FG1010-304

SDX-410-DX Solecis 4x1 HDMI Digital Switcher with DXLink Output

Manufacturer: AMX
Category: Switchers/Matrix Switchers
SKU: FG1010-304
Availability: Call
MSRP: $1,650.00
The Solecis SDX is a family of small digital AV switchers. The 4x1 HDMI Solecis Digital Switcher provides four user connection points and includes simplified local control which routes the selected signal to both a DXLink and HDMI output. This provides a simple, low cost solution that combines a DXLink Transmitter and digital switcher into a single small form factor device that is commonly used at a table. Solecis Digital Switchers are ideal for use in huddle spaces or small classrooms to provide simple switching for multiple sources. In larger rooms with multiple work spaces, a Solecis at each table or desk allows users to share content with the work group or the entire room. In even larger integrated environments Solecis digital switchers can provide easy to use source point switching and distance transmission over DXLink to an Enova DVX or DGX for hub-style building or campus-wide distribution.
  • Solecis 4x1 HDMI Digital Switcher
  • 4x1 dual audio/video switching
  • Multiple video, audio, and ethernet connection
  • Switch inputs without the need for a central controller
  • Low cost solution for huddle spaces and classrooms
  • Works with HydraPort single button or keypad modules
  • Built-in support for AxLink keypads
  • MyTurn source selection