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Samsung- CY-HDS02A/ZA

REACH Server 4.0

Manufacturer: Samsung
Category: Accessories
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MSRP: $3,999.00
LYNK REACH Server is a dedicated server for using the LYNK REACH software solution, which provides a flexible UI. REACH Server provides a straightforward way to manage several hundred hospitality displays remotely from one central location. Typically, properties must upgrade TV firmware and deliver content updates and channel mapping changes by deploying personnel throughout the site. Staff members use cloned USB devices to update each room display one at a time. LYNK REACH interface is designed to display content on in-room screens and provide PC-based content management for hotel personnel. In-room screen content includes hotel information, weather, and marketing messages for guests. The interface helps content managers readily edit and manage information and at the same time be able to provide content through the REACH Server.
  • Rack-mountable
  • 1 1.6 GHz
  • RAM 4 GB
  • SSD 128 GB
  • Radeon HD 6320
  • GigE
  • Win Embedded Standard 7