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Vaddio- 999-9999-130

ConferenceSHOT Bundle

Manufacturer: Vaddio
Category: Mixers & Zone Processors
SKU: 999-9999-130
Availability: Call
MSRP: $3,439.00
Vaddio’s 999-9999-130 ClearSHOT Conference bundle gives you everything you need to transform your meeting room into a professional and affordable collaboration environment. The ClearSHOT Conference bundle includes a ClearSHOT 10 USB camera with a built-in webserver for effortless configuration and control, an EasyUSB Mixer/Amp and a table MicPOD with three built-in microphone elements. This bundle integrates seamlessly into your rooms PC for instantaneous communication. With true plug and play functionality at an affordable price, the ClearSHOT Conference bundle is the ideal solution for your meeting room.
  • Camera has built-in web server for configuration, control and remote management
  • Camera has Native 1080p/60 high-speed, low noise CMOS image sensor
  • Mixer/Amp Connects to PC as a USB sound device
  • Mixer/Amp is a USB 2.0 Audio Class Device (UAC) / no drivers required
  • MicPOD includes Built-in echo cancelation
  • MicPOD includes three unidirectional condenser elements for 360 degree coverage
  • Typical pickup coverage of 6-10 feet