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Yamaha- 10-YVC1000MS-NA

Yamaha YVC-1000 Unified Communications Microphone & Speak

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Category: Unified Communications
SKU: 10-YVC1000MS-NA
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $1,499.00
Ideal for medium and large spaces, this intuitive communications system features separate microphone and speaker units for flexibility during audio, web, and video conferencing. Designed to support 2 external speakers and 5 daisy-chained microphones, it’s the perfect scalable solution for accommodating larger meeting rooms and additional participants. Adaptive echo cancellation and human voice activity detection (HVAD) minimize background noise, facilitating natural, stress-free conversation during every call.
  • Multiple connection options via Bluetooth® and USB
  • Ability to daisy chain up to 5 microphone pods for a total of 15 microphones (3 mics per pod)
  • Speaker tracking
  • Scalability to fit various and ever-changing table configurations
  • Flexible alternative to installed audio solutions for large conference rooms
  • Supports 2 external speakers
  • High-quality audio technology with Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) to minimize background noise during calls
  • Automatic auto-tuning measures and analyzes the room environment and adjusts acoustic settings to the optimal level
  • Automatic system warnings to help with poor microphone placement
  • Certified for Zoom & Skype for Business