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Model: VDOS4MMSRP: $124.99
VDO360 introduces 2SEE - their easy to use, detachable USB webcam which combines a 1080p HD camera with far-field voice pickup technology. Always be represented with crisp, clear picture and audio when you work from home with the 2SEE high-quali...
Model: VDOSUMSRP: $69.99
VDO360's 1SEE is integrated with USB hub for quick and easy installation and premium performance. The 1SEE remains compact while embodying quality with 1080P. It is the new innovative webcam for everyday use.
  • Being as light as 2.65 oz, it is easy to install and comes in a travel-friendly size
  • Enjoy intricate details with 1920 x 1080 high video resolution. Furthermore, 30 fps size transfers wide angles into the camera frame with sharp results.
  • Not all monitors have built-in webcams, but with USB 2.0 port you can immediately connect the cam device and adore the perfect results
Model: VUSBEXT-UMSRP: $199.00
The VUSBEXT-U is an economical but high performance USB extender, compliant with USB 2.0 specifications. Extend USB PTZ HD Cameras from the Host (PC) up to 50m (164 ft) using twisted pair cable.
  • Network (RJ-45): Yes
  • USB: Yes
Model: VDOCMEMSRP: $49.99
Working and learning from home isn't easy. Get the job done with the SEEME webcam. Exceptional quality. Surprisingly affordable. SEEME - VDOCMEVDO360 presents an enterprise-grade personal webcam for everyone. Optimized for laptop use, the SEEME ...
Model: V-USBEXT-3MSRP: $399.00
The VUSBEXT-3 is a high performance USB 3.0 extender and comes with a 100ft active optical cable. It can extend USB3.0 cameras and devices up to 100m/328ft fiber optics. It also features lower power consumption and a thin cable diameter of 3.0mm...
Model: IP-20FHD60MSRP: $1799.00
VDO360 Saber 20X NDI is a professional full HD video camera, with IP, NDI|HX, 3G SDI, HDMI, and USB3.0 output interfaces, it has 20x optical zoom, and having NDI|HX makes live streaming simpler, easier, and much more affordable. No mess installa...
Model: AP20XMSRP: $3545.00
VD0360's presenter tracking solution that replaces the cameraman.AUTOPILOT - AP20UPerfect Track is our award winning software that uses advanced image processing to recognize individuals in the Saber20's video stream. The sophisticated tracking ...
Model: VPTZH-04MSRP: $999.00
The CompassX HD PTZ USB Camera with 10x Optical Zoom offers HD video over USB 2.0 and features a 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor with 1920 x 1080 native resolution, offering 300° of pan, 180° of tilt, and a 10x optical zoom range. Video is encoded using the ...
Model: VPTZH-05MSRP: $299.00
Large FOV at 90 degrees without distortion (no fisheye) Sony 8MP 1/3” Sensor Enterprise Grade construction Crystal clear 1080p HD image quality Instantaneous 3X zoom with no loss of resolution Customizable camera preset positions USB2.0 ou...
Model: VPTZHP-04MSRP: $1232.00
VDO360's CompassX camera allows users to get the most out of their security. With camera preset positioning, the camera has fast and smooth movement to seven preset positions which can be accessed through a handheld remote or desktop control. Th...
Model: VDONAIMSRP: $449.00
The Navigator AI (NavAI) is a 4K USB camera that has amazing clarity and color and an industry leading auto framing solution that works so smoothly and reacts so quickly that it can be used as an auto tracking camera solution! Not only is it a r...
Model: VDOS4MSMSRP: $279.00
Meet the 3SEE. VDO360 presents the latest addition to the SEE family. 4K video, 90 degree FOV, far field audio, and speakers as well! A single USB cable is all you need.
  • Offers unmatched webcam results to make every experience worthwhile
  • Enjoy the focus-free webcam experience
  • With the cohesive microphone, the sound is clearly discernible, which adds as a bonus to the visuals
Model: VDOUHSMSRP: $69.00
With your choice of USB or 3.5mm connections in a single unit, plus a noise-canceling mic and dual-muff design, the VDOUHS is perfect any work from home set up and remote learning. A metal headband for durability and inline controls make this he...
Model: VDOTAIMSRP: $849.00
The TridentAI is your all-in-one solution for the BYOM, BYOD room. 4K AI driven video for auto framing, auto tracking and wide dynamic range along with crisp and clear beamforming microphones and a room filling speaker configuration. Auto framin...
Model: VMOUNT-01MSRP: $99.00
When we were designing the VDOPC systems we wanted to have a clean and easy way for our clients to mount the system to either a wall or the top of a display. Our first runs at this were functional, yet not exactly what we were trying for. The An...