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Monday, March 23

2:00 PM Eastern

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The Power of Apple iOS Mirroring and Clickshare

Come join us for a brief yet very important 15-minute AV Snack on what is new with the Barco CSC-1 ClickShare Collaboration System. You'll learn how the Airplay Streaming Support and all new features added in this update are fully backward compatible with all existing CSC-1 units!


Tuesday, March 31

2:00 PM Eastern

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The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

In February 2014 LG Electronics entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with MRI (Manufacturing Resources International) and formed a new, independent company, called LG-MRI. By combining the technical advances and patented innovations of MRI’s popular BoldVu® Outdoor LCD Display products with the global strength of LGE’s established sales and service offices, the new company will now be able to offer and support these proven Digital LCD Technologies on a wider basis and within new markets and venues that have not previously been fully addressed by either company.


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