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Shared Voicing and Aesthetics Across Product Lines

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PowerShare Adaptable Power Amplifiers

Bose® PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers deliver 600 watts for portable and fixed-install applications. Through patented technology, total amplifier power is shared across all output channels, allowing installers the freedom to utilize power where needed. With support for both low- and high-impedance loads up to 100V, PowerShare amplifiers adapt to a wide range of applications.

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RoomMatch® Utility Small-Format Loudspeakers

Bose® RoomMatch Utility loudspeakers bring the award-winning sound quality of RoomMatch arrays to smaller, 2-way, point-source designs. The same Bose EMB2 compression driver is used to create consistent mid/high sonic character. RoomMatch Utility loudspeakers are intended for high-quality foreground music, under-balcony, zone-fill and vocal-range floor monitor applications. All models feature high-quality plywood construction suitable for the highest aesthetic requirements, and install easily with either horizontal or vertical mounting.

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ControlSpace® Engineered Sound Processors and User Controls

ControlSpace® is a powerful platform of processors, controls, and software that delivers a class-leading combination of flexibility and ease of use. Loudspeakers and amplifiers alone are not what make an audio system. Premium processing and control are just as important to performance and reliable operation. Bose® ControlSpace family of products are engineered to deliver on that promise and go beyond with two key advantages: flexibility and ease of use.

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