How to Deploy Powerful Presentation Systems from Crestron Without any Programming

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Watch profits soar with the reliability of Crestron products on your jobs. Join us at 2pm for this exciting, fast-paced webinar that will cover a full range of easy-to-deploy small systems for spaces such as classrooms and huddle rooms. Only Crestron provides you with the complete set of professional tools necessary to manage all of the complexities of digital video. Thanks to .AV Framework™, these Crestron systems can be customized without programming or a programmer. See how easy is to deliver the unparalleled quality of Crestron at the price point your customers are looking for – don’t miss this informative webinar.
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RoomCast Hotel TV Streaming: It's How Today's Guests Watch TV

Thursday, April 27, 2017
Join us at 3pm as we explore how it’s not about keeping up with the Jones’ – it’s about keeping up with guests’ living rooms! The days of driving revenues from pay-per view have narrowed and we’ve got the hottest technology trend to help hoteliers’ extend the home entertainment experience right into the guest room! Attend this 15 minute Hospitality SNACK to learn how RoomCast – mobile device streaming for hotels is changing the way millennials rate properties and what keeps them coming back time after time. Presented by Jeff Soares, Director of Sales for TeleAdapt Ltd.
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The State of the Digital Signage Market

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
May 16th at 2pm EST Presented by Gary Kayye; Sponsored by Brightsign CTS RU Certified There’s likely no one in AV that’s been pushing us all to get in to the digital signage integration market more than Gary Kayye, founder of rAVe [Publications] and 25-year AV-veteran. He’s watched the IT and advertising markets suck up the majority of the digital signage integration and highly-profitable digital signage creative content market — all while AV’ers have shied away. But companies like BrightSign and Almo Pro A/V make it SIMPLE and PROFITABLE to get in to digital signage. This webinar will not only review the state of the digital signage market, but it will also help you ease in to it so you can champion your company’s foray in to the future of advertising: digital signage.
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The Top 11 Things Gary Kayye Saw at InfoComm

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
July 11th at 2pm EST Presented by Gary Kayye; Sponsored by NEC CTS RU Certified You may not have been able to attend InfoComm, but you can still learn what the top-11 things that Gary Kayye, founder of rAVe [Publications] and 25-year AV-veteran, saw there this year. The InfoComm show has been the bellwether for the AV market for years. Every new technology launches there and virtually every major manufacturer exhibits there. Want to know what Gary thinks will be the next big thing — or next big 11 things — in the ProAV market? This webinar will review the hottest things from InfoComm 2017 — products and technologies.
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The Forth-Coming OLED Revolution

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
August 22 at 2pm EST Presented by Gary Kayye; Sponsored by LG CTS RU Certified Did you know that OLED will eventually take over LCD? It will — and right now LG has the most creative lineup of OLED products on the market. If you want to design systems that are future-proof, OLED is the way to go. In addition, OLED offers blacker-blacks and whiter-whites than ANY LCD and ANY projector technology on the market today. Yes, that includes laser-phosphor. So, if you’re working on systems or applications that need accurate colorimetry or need to be future-proof, OLED is the way to go. Oh, and with OLED, you can build systems that aren’t just using displays that are squares or triangles — you can do curves and paper-thin videowalls too! Join Gary Kayye, founder of rAVe [Publications] and 25-year AV-veteran, on this webinar as he takes you through the LG options in OLED and some of the most creative installs.
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