Don't Strike Out on your Outdoor Installations!

Thursday, December 08, 2016
By now we all know that all LFDs are not created equal. There are varying levels of brightness, temperature, humidity and hours a day the display can optimally perform. And incorporating LFD in an outdoor application is a whole new ballgame. Make sure you hit it out of the park every time! Join us at 2pm and become an expert on the five specifications relative to large flat panel displays not to be overlooked to make sure every project is a home run! Delivered by Jonathan Brawn of Brawn Consulting and sponsored by Samsung Business.
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OLED: The Curve of the Future

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
With so much marketing hype surrounding displays today, it's difficult to decipher the true impact of useful technology vs. marketing hype. In this 2pm EST webinar, we'll look into the value of curved vs. non-curved displays, OLED vs. LED or LCD technologies, HDR and why it is an important consideration with regards to choosing display technologies that fit your needs. We will also look at the impact contrast ratios and pixel counts may have on your decisions when choosing a new display.
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Collaboration and Interactivity - Thinking Outside the Classroom

Thursday, December 15, 2016
During this one-hour webinar at 2pm EST we will look at new opportunities, venues and use cases for merging two components of the AV industry; Collaboration and Interactive Displays. We’re all familiar with how each segment works independently within the education market, now it’s time to look at how we can expand these technologies into many other applications. We’ll review the concept of a “paperless” office and how these technologies can have a positive impact in a green environment. We’ll also look at design and installation concepts for integrating these dual technologies into your next venue! This session will appeal to end users trying to determine if these technologies are of value to their work spaces, to sales teams looking for new opportunities, to designers looking for new opportunities and ways to evaluate potential usages, to installers who want to insure implication issues have been addressed in order to provide an exceptional installation without errors. The major learning objectives that will be accomplished by this program; 1. Defining Collaboration and Interactivity are key elements to understanding these two technologies. We will look at the difference between using collaboration vs. wireless presentation. 2. Understanding the design impacts of how to implement collaborative interaction. We will learn what questions need to be asked and how to appropriately choose the infrastructure for the system 3. Open architecture vs Proprietary architecture will be discussed and we will learn how to choose between the two in system design and implementation. Participants can earn CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I credit for attending this webinar
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Interactive Collaboration - System Design and Deployment

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
During this one hour webinar at 2pm we will examine how to implement Collaboration and Interactive Displays. We will investigate the things that will impact how you design and install these types of systems. From asking the right questions, to determining the sizes, recognizing implementation issues and the all important training of champions. We will discuss each so that you can design, develop and deliver an exceptional solution for your client. Collaboration with interactivity is more than a plug and play solution. Knowing how to design and deliver it well will create new and more profitable projects for everyone involved. Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss various ways to better enhance your systems and their implementation. For the sales and design teams we will cover topics that will make determining the correct solution for your client easier. For the installation teams, we will discuss many of the aspects that are essential to understand when installing these systems. The major learning objectives that will be accomplished by this program: 1. Review the Programming Phase of how to ask the key questions with regards to room size, display size, seating parameters, end user usage needs. 2. Installation topics such as safe working loads, peripheral component placement, interfaces and determining locations for displays. 3. Networking concerns, IP addresses, passwords, wireless analysis, software updates and more. Earn 1 CTS RU when you attend this webinar
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