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Wednesday, November 12

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Thursday, November 13

3:00 PM Eastern

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ZeeVee Leaps Ahead of the Competition With Set Top Box Control and Digital Signage

Did you see the announcement about ZeeVee’s latest upgrade to Maestro? It’s the most feature packed revision we have ever released. This upgrade includes several highly anticipated features that you and your customers have requested.

With 1.9.2 you get ZvSTB, which can manage key settings for all the DIRECTV set top boxes in your headends just by logging into Maestro, our web-based configuration utility. Why is this so awesome? For one, it means you don’t need to roll a truck on a Saturday night to troubleshoot the system. Now you can troubleshoot and make changes to DIRECTV receivers online from anywhere - and anytime.

And not to sound like a knife commercial, but wait, that’s not all! This release also unleashes ZvShow, which is a free bonus channel on all ZeeVee HD products. ZvShow turns the internal memory of the unit into a media player your customers can use for promotion. Just like all ZeeVee products, ZvShow is design for easy setup and quick rollout. For customers who don't want to go all out for a digital signage service, this is a great way to get them started.

So how does it work? And why is it great for you? Join our webinar and find out.

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