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B-B-B-Baby UniSee N-N-Nothin' Yet

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
2PM In 2017 Barco launched UniSee, a groundbreaking new platform for the LCD video wall market.  Since then, they have continued to lead the video wall revolution and are shaping the future the LCD world.  And that shape is curved!  Perfect alignment?  Easy servicing?  Low risk of damaging panels?  Too good to be true?  No!  But don’t take our word for it.  Join us for an exclusive journey as Corwin Hamm, Business Development at Barco, dives into the Barco LCD portfolio.  Learn for yourself how Barco is opening a new video wall world of opportunity for you.  Here’s something you’re n-n-never gonna forget.
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Why UCC Spaces are Defining the Future of Interactivity Everywhere [1 CTS RU]

Thursday, May 30, 2019
3PM ET Interactivity used to be relegated to the most expensive plain-old whiteboard anyone ever purchased - the SmartBoard. As you know, most of them were installed with good intentions but ended up being used as, well, just a whiteboard. But, companies like Avocor and Zoom have simplified and amped-up interactivity starting with small meeting rooms and UCC spaces - and they’re now setting the bar for the future of all spaces - not just UCC spaces. UCC spaces are, interestingly enough, the fastest growing segment of the meeting room market right now. And, using Zoom, Teams, and interfaces like Quicklaunch, make them, by far, the simplest to meet in. You don’t have to get to the meeting 15-minutes before it starts to make sure it all works, you don’t have to relearn the gear when you move from room to room and you don’t have to practice using it. It. Just. Works.Well, these design principles and the forthcoming transformation towards interactivity will be credited to the Collaboration Board and UCC spaces. Classrooms, active learning spaces, control rooms, and even digital signage will all benefit from what we are learning in the UCC space and companies like Avocor, Zoom, Epson, Sharp, and others will play a big part in their transformation towards interactivity, everywhere. And, it’s thanks to the thing we all love to hate, the network. This webinar will help you understand the state of the UCC space, how its tech is moving outside the UCC space and where you will see the growth opportunities for your company. Join us as Gary Kayye talks about this network-based revolution towards interactivity along with Avocor's Dana Corey. It’s free, worth 1 AVIXA CTS RU.
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SEEING DOUBLE! Why Samsung Dual-Sided Displays are Ideal for Retail Signage [.5 CTS RU]

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
2pm Earn .5 CTS RUs and learn why Samsung's new and innovative dual sided semi-outdoor and full outdoor large format displays (LFD) represent a unique and ideal approach to providing digital signage for retail and retail-type signage applications. In this webinar, meet with Jonathan Brawn from Brawn Consulting to learn about how Samsung has improved and advanced this specialized type of signage, and what makes it ideal for retail customers. We will cover what makes outdoor and semi-outdoor LFD products different from indoor, what types of specifications to look out for, and how these new dual sided displays work.
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