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The ARHT of Being Present with HoloPresence Technology

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
2PM ET Imagine having multiple presenters from different parts of the globe presenting on a single stage in front of a live audience or a virtual stage presented as a digital feed to an unlimited number of remote attendees. Access the power of HoloPresence Technology when busy high-profile presenters can’t be there in person bringing them to your audience as live holograms eliminating the challenges of time and distance. Learn how ARHT Media, one of Almo’s newest partners uses a combination of their own proprietary technology along with off-the-shelf broadcast and projection equipment to deliver a reliable solution for beaming presenters into one or multiple venues at the same time from anywhere, to anywhere in the world via the internet. During this live webinar you will get an introduction to ARHT Media, the technology used in this solution, network considerations, common applications & customer benefits, and how to partner with Almo and ARHT Media to bring this exciting technology to your clients.
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4K No Myths, No Exaggerations - Just the Facts

Thursday, October 22, 2020
2PM EST [1.5 CTS, CTS-D, CTS-I]The AV Industry is riddled with misinformation about 4K including exaggerated specs, compatibility and performance. Meanwhile, AV integrators are left to sort out what's real 4K or simulated 4K, only to be left vulnerable to making serious mistakes. Gary Kayye is an expert at 4K and in this course he will educate you on everything you REALLY need to know on how to specify, sell and integrate 4K systems right the first time. No myths, no "spec speak" - just the facts. Gary will share the top four applications for 4K, many you probably haven't considered. The best part of the session is that it will be shown live in 4K! And not pseudo 4K, not simulated, but 100% certified 4K you can take to the bank! Sponsored by Sharp, this course is approved for 1.5 CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D RUs.
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