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The Silent AV Project Killer: Identifying Team Dysfunction and Pathways to a Cure

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
From system design, through engineering review, and final installation, AV projects depend on teams for their success. Some teams seem to work better than others. Some project managers have smooth installations and others flounder. Some companies innovate and attract strong employees. Others stagnate and lose top talent. In this class, we'll identify factors contributing to team success or failure and help participants determine pathways to getting 'every brain in the game,' gaining buy-in towards team goals, and getting all hands pulling together to implement better projects faster. Learning Objectives - Understand how team function impacts AV system design, engineering review, and project management - Estimate the function and dysfunction levels of their design, engineering, and installation teams - Formulate a plan to improve team contributions for AV System implementations
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How To Successfully Implement Communication Services Into Your Hospitality Business

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
1PM ET We will take a deeper dive into how the Services process works and all of the variables that come into play. Learn how to overcome common objections as well as hear success stories on how your peers have implemented services and added value/revenue to each job.
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