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Something M A S S I V E from LG

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
2PM ET Join us for a discussion around the massive 130” LED screen with no bezel. With superb picture quality powered by HDR10 and immersive Surface Sound, clients can get more focused and deeply engaged for productive meetings and more. We’ll cover installation, operation, support, and its’ superior features. Be A M A Z E D.
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You Can Finally Offer AVaaS (AV-as-a-Service)

Monday, November 4, 2019
2PM EST The idea of AV-as-a-Service first emerged a few years ago -- mostly as a platform for controlling AV gear via the so-called cloud. But even if an AV integrator wanted to offer AVaaS in 2016, it wouldn’t have been "real" AVaaS -- it would have just been financing of AV installs. But today we have the technology to do real AVaaS, not just system monitoring and leasing. Here's a webinar designed to help you get into AVaaS and make the most of the opportunity it presents, led by industry expert and rAVe founder Gary Kayye. AVaaS isn’t an overnight transformation. But Gary will take you on a journey to explain how AVaaS works, who the major players are and how you can offer it to your own clients. He’ll also explain the financial opportunities for the AV integration community (as well as for the client) in designing and delivering systems designed specifically for an AVaaS model.  Thank you to Legrand AV for sponsoring this webinar! Because of sponsors like Legrand, Almo is able to offer 1 CTS-RU for this webinar.
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Measuring up with Labor Services

Thursday, November 7, 2019
2PM ET Join us for an overview of our labor services offerings. We are proud to provide our valued partners with technicians for a wide range of solutions. From full-service labor options to a helping hand, find out more about the areas we can help augment your business and how our program works. We provide technicians across the USA and parts of Canada; so, say "yes" to more jobs and expand your footprint with our Labor services.
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