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The Only Unbiased Explanation of How AV-Over-IP Works

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Nearly everyone out there is lying to you about AV-over-IP. It’s not easy, it’s not lossless compression and it’s not going to happen overnight. But, it IS the future of AV signal distribution. There is NO STANDARD that everyone has adopted for sending AV signals (video, audio, control and power) over the network - there are multiple ways of doing it and none of the different options are interoperable. So, buyer and adopter beware. Gary’s Kayye’s latest keynote will help guide the future of AV-over-IP as not only is he a respected AV technologist, but he’s help set the standards in signal routing before. So, both the manufacturers and the integrators will be listening to his opinions on this and which AV-over-IP “standard” he likes best. This keynote will take you on a journey through the plethora of signal routing options via an IP network and explain how each one works, what’s good about it, what’s bad about it and, most of all, how likely it is to experience industry-wide adoption. AV-over-IP not only affects the future signal routing, but also control - so, this means everything you do will change - designing AV systems for meeting rooms, classrooms, boardrooms, churches, digital signage networks, museums, auditoriums and even live events. Everything. Don’t totally switch your company over to AV-over-IP without attending this session from rAVe’s founder, Gary Kayye. You will leave understanding each and every option out there, what works and what’s pure hype and how you evaluate the trade-offs for each option. This is THE ONLY unbiased AV-over-IP educational session in the world. This webinar is sponsored by Barco and has been approved for 1.5 CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D RUs.
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WEBINAR: What You Can Do to Keep Businesses Sanitized and Safe

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
2 pm EST As businesses reopen, clean initiatives mandate that safety and security procedures be put in place to protect customers and staff.  Almo has sourced products designed to help companies take control with efficient and safe measures.  Join our panel of presenters from Almo and Mimo Montiors, plus a special guest panelist yet to be announced, to learn about fully customizable contactless temperature-taking digital signage bundles designed to pre-screen visitors and staff before entering buildings, rooms or small spaces such as elevators.  We’ll also discuss the Hanover disinfectant handheld fogger kits that enable you to safely sanitize rooms without harsh chemicals or damage to furniture or electronics. 
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Understanding and Specifying Outdoor Displays with Samsung

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
QSR drive-thrus, theme parks, stadiums, retail window displays - these are all places where specialized displays are a necessity due to the elements, lighting, and more. Learn the differences between these types of displays, when to use them, and in what applications. By examining the specifications involved, you'll explore the essentials for installing these specialized displays, and the important considerations BEFORE you start an outdoor project.
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How Analytics are Driving Digital Transformation in today’s Modern Office

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Analytics are nothing new to business. From measuring sales to optimizing marketing campaigns, data is key in order to understand success and establish next steps. Analytics stretch far beyond the traditional sales and marketing realms within modern day companies As we look at 3 key pillars of the work environment framework, analytics are playing a key role in digital transformation. Please join us as we discuss the use of analytics, best practices, and what’s ahead during this one hour session with live Q&A that will provide CTS renewal Units along with a sneak speak of the Sharp Window Collaboration Display
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