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Model: MBR-1100MSRP: $245.00
Palm size, light weight 1080p Media Player. Feature dynamic and engaging digital signs in designed locations to deliver customized information or advertisement instantly.Stunning 1080p QualityDespite its small size, there is no compromise to the...
Model: XMP-6400MSRP: $415.00
Turn the Entertainment Only TV into Advertisable MediumXMP-6400 is world's first open standard HDMI-in media player . It easily converts the already installed sports TV into multi-purpose digital signage screen. Mix the in store promotion and ev...
Model: XDS-1078-A9
This all-in-one 10″ smart room panel is elegantly designed for the professional workplace. The built-in programmable LED side lights are perfect for immediate visible communication of room status, displaying green when the room is available and ...
Model: XDS-1071
IAdea 10″ non-touch all-in-one display enables retailers and shop owners to easily place sales and promotional information in any corner of the store. With IAdea bundled content management utility, managers can quickly create playlists and updat...
Model: XMP-6250MSRP: $305.00
Embrace the multimedia age with the XMP-6250 Media Player. Feature dynamic and engaging digital signs in designed locations to deliver customized information or advertisement instantly .Effortless SetupSetting up the XMP-6250 couldn't be easier....
Model: XMP-7300MSRP: $395.00
XMP-7300 delivers ultra-HD resolution video and image at quality never before seen. It offers superior performance with exceptional 4K clarity and built for reliability and flexibility, ideal for applications ranging from informative museum spac...
Model: XDS-1588MSRP: $645.00
The XDS-1588 is a 15” touch-enabled smart signboard with all the industry’s best features IAdea 22-inch series has to offer, in addition to a built-in NFC & RFID module, as part of IAdea Smart Workplace series. Designed with industrial-grade rob...
Model: XDS-2285MSRP: $565.00
The IAdea XDS-228X is a 22" (21.5" viewable) smart signboard as part of IAdea Smart Workplace series which incorporates a robust design and commercial functionality into a value-pack interactive digital signage solution.Touch Instantly browse an...
Model: PVK-302MSRP: $89.00
With the deluxe gas spring, height adjustment can't be easier by simply dragging up or pushing down the screen. Adjust display position by simply rotating the screen. The rotatable base also allows swivel screen without lift the base. Tilt the s...
Model: PGM-001MSRP: $15.00
10" All-In-One Display can be professionally glass mounted to your office windows as your corporate digital signage by using our PGM-001 glass mount solution. It helps your workplace to communicate corporate event, meeting schedule, and directly...
Model: PTM-101MSRP: $35.00
Pair the IAdea Tilt Mount with 10" , 15" or 22" panels and displays to allow optimal usage angle for a more enjoyable user experience. It also works wonders for avoiding screen glares and reflections from windows or lights
  • Sustains a maximum load capacity of 33.07 lb
  • Supports 10" displays
  • Suits displays with 50 x 50 mounting hole pattern