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Samsung Leads Through Innovation

Samsung’s technology solutions provide simple ways to help you engage your customers, while improving ambiance. Take our SMART Signage TVs, an all-in-one display solution for promotional content and live TV to drive sales and entertain your audience.

Samsung's Flip: An Interactive Digital Flip Chart Designed for Productive Collaboration

The Samsung WMH55H is a flexible and portable interactive whiteboard display that is simple to use without the need for additional software and elaborate installations. Since it turns on quickly from a powered-off state, lengthy boot-up time has been eliminated and devices can be easily connected quickly, allowing meetings to start on time and stay focused.

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Case Study: Samsung High-Brightness Displays Deliver Unmatched Outdoor Viewing Experience

Samsung was selected as the single brand for all 56 digital displays throughout Beer Park by Budweiser, a large outdoor bar and grill perched over the legendary Las Vegas Boulevard. Video walls above the bars can show individual channels on each display or be combined to show a single channel when there is a big sporting event. High-brightness outdoor displays are installed on custom mounts throughout the dining and games areas for a 360° viewing experience.

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Infographic: Using Super-Bright Displays to Connect with Customers

Samsung's displays offer near-perfect picture uniformity right out of the box, and enhancements made to the 2015 “E” Series UD/UE product lineup does the majority of the work for you without a color calibration tool. Fine tuning is provided with Samsung’s Color Expert Software for customers who want to customize the color settings beyond the factory calibration settings depending on environmental conditions, content, client preferences, etc.

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Video Resources

Interactive Whiteboard Case Study: Bolsover C of E Junior School

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SMART Signage Case Study: Tompkin Square Bagels

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Samsung Hospitality Display 2016 Video Catalog

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Samsung Mirror Displays at New York Fashion Week

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The Big Difference Between Consumer and Commercial Displays

Some decision makers are attracted by the retail price point of consumer TVs and end up missing out on key benefits of using digital displays in a professional setting. Before making a decision that will impact how others will view your business, take a look at how commercial displays will help you send the right message.

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A Partnership Program that Drives Real Business Growth

Samsung Team of Empowered Partners (STEP) Program is designed to drive our mutual success in today's increadingly competitive market. Samsung specialist can provide you with thought leadership, technical expertise and winning marketing strategies to enhance your business capabilites, optimize daily operations and increase profitability.

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Samsung Resources

Find the Right Display with Samsung's Product Selection Tool

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Samsung's LED Configurator

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Samsung's Interactive Video Wall Configurator

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Samsung Display Solutions App for Smart Signage and Hospitality TV

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