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Model: CD-200BTMSRP: $429.99
  • Tascam CD-200BT Rackmount CD Player With Bluetooth Receiver
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Register Multiple Bluetooth Devices
Model: SS-R250NMSRP: $999.98
  • FTP Client function enables automatic uploading of recorded files or downloading audio files from the server
  • Event List for recording, playback, download and other functions can be operated automatically based on the time set
  • Time setting via SNTP Client function enables event management with more accuracy
Model: CD-200ILMSRP: $479.99
  • Tascam CD-200iL Professional CD Player with 30-Pin and Lightning iPod Dock
  • Built-in 30-pin and Lightning dock connector for audio output, transport control, and charging
  • iPod control is capable through the transport; album skip, repeat switch, and playback mode switch
Model: CD-200MSRP: $349.99
  • Tascam CD-200 Rack Mount CD Player
  • Plays audio CDs, MP3 CDs and WAV file CDs
  • CD TEXT and ID3 tag support
Model: CD-200SBMSRP: $489.99
  • Tascam CD-200SB Solid-State / CD Player
  • Play files from your solid-state media with ease
  • Direct access to 10 user defined folders configured within SD/SDHC and USB media
Model: CD-500BMSRP: $599.99
  • Tascam CD-500B Single-Rackspace CD Player (Balanced)
  • Slot-loading mechanism
  • RCA unbalanced output
Model: CD-A580MSRP: $499.98
  • One-way IC Logic transport control enables recording and playback
  • Dub from CDs
  • Dub from USB flash drive and recording from LINE Inputs
Model: CD-RW900MKIIMSRP: $519.99
Model: CD-RW901MKIIMSRP: $699.99
  • Sync trim function (+/-125 frame, +/-1.67 seconds)
  • Automatic track division with trim function (+/-125 frame, +/-1.67 seconds)
  • Selectable COPY ID(free/1 generation/prohibit/SCMS)
Model: DP-006MSRP: $169.99
  • Up to six tracks recording (2mono tracks+ 2mono/stereo switchable tracks)
  • CD quality recording (16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Two tracks simultaneous recording/ six tracks simultaneous playback
Model: DP-008EXMSRP: $299.99
  • Eight mono tracks
  • CD-quality recording (16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Two tracks simultaneous recording/ eight tracks simultaneous playback
Model: DR-05MSRP: $149.99
  • Tascam DR-05 Portable Handheld Digital Audio Recorder
  • Recording media: microSD card (64MB to 2GB), microSDHC card (4GB to 32GB)
  • File format: WAV(BWF), MP3
Model: DR-40MSRP: $279.99
  • Tascam DR-40 4-Track Handheld Digital Audio Recorder (Black)
  • Unidirectional stereo condenser microphones that can record in A-B and X-Y positions
  • XLR/TRS inputs compatible with +4dBu line level / +48V