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Rants and rAVes — Episode 764: Almo’s New Sound Options Team is 100% Audio-Focused for the Integrator

The A part of AV is more profitable that  the V part but the V, for video, get’s all the attention. However, Almo’s new Sound Options team, led by their own Steve Alexander, is trying to change that by offering up a team of audio experts and 20+ companies that they’ve partnered with to help AV integrators build better audio systems.


Rants and rAVes — Episode 691: Almo Pro AV Partners with Samsung and Harman to Offer Huddle Room Packages

Almo Pro AV debuted a new partnership with Samsung that brings four pre-packaged Huddle Room solutions to the AV integration channel. Each package includes either an HD or UHD (4K) Samsung commercial-grade LCD and an AMX huddle room camera system and range from small spaces to larger conference room packages that add products like the AMX Acendo Vibe SoundBar the AMX Acendo Core and one package even include the new Samsung PMF-BC Series Touch Display. Each package is here.


Rants and rAVes — Episode 580: Almo to Launch Hospitality Division During E4 AV Tour

Stephen McKay has been helping the Hospitality industry with AV services and products for over 15-years – now he’s doing it with Almo ProAV. As the Senior VP of Special Markets at Almo ProAV his role is to help Almo’s integrator partners sell and integrate products and services into he Hospitality market (i.e. hotels, dorms, hospitals, etc). And, it’ll all be launched around the E4 in Chicago – including a pre-show “Hospitality Day” the day before the E4 AV Tour on Tuesday, March 21st at the Drury Lane Conference Center.


Rants and rAVes — Episode 579: Almo’s Todd Heberlein Will Help ProAV Integrators Ease Into Doing Digital Signage

Almo ProAV‘s Todd Heberlein talks about how his role is to help ProAV integrators get into the digital signage market. Digital Signage happens to be the fastest growing segment of the ProAV market (growing by double-digits for the past four years in a row) but a lot of AV integrators have yet to start digital signage services — short of just installing them. So, how do you get started in digital signage? Listen to my Rants and rAVe’s podcast today and Todd will tell you why he would likely start you with BrightSign media players (even though they sell a plethora of brands) as well as what set of services Almo can provide to get you started without having to hire someone who’s dedicated to the process.


Rants and rAVes — Episode 577: All About Audio – Why Audio Matters in AV

In today’s podcast, Almo ProAV's Director of Business Development Rob Ziv, talks about the state of A in AV. Gary’s “AV Starts with A” webinar for Almo last week, was a huge hit and they continue their offline discussion after the webinar in his podcast. They talk about Dante, networked AV and where the money is in audio gear.


Rants and rAVes — Episode 575: Almo ProAV Now Offers Control System Programming AND Engineering Design Services for ProAV Integrators

Eric Olson, Almo ProAV s Business Development Manager, explains how we are now offering control system programming services for not only Crestron and AMX but also for Extron too. Almo is aiming this service to smaller integrators that may not have their own on-site programmer or if they need help with lager systems designs. In addition, they’ll even help you engineer a system – both services you can charge for (in addition to selling the gear).