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BrightSign Services

Our experts in BrightSign and BrightAuthor provide the missing link to a full digital signage solution using the low cost Brightsign media players and software.Services such as player configuration, software onboarding, interactive programming, and even video wall software setup.


Player Configuration

Almo configures BrightSign players according to end user network configuration, player location (name), and BrightAuthor communication method.

•Setup and installation of the MicroSD card. 

•Dynamic or Static IP network address setup. 

For best end user experience, pair with BS-ONBOARD-BASIC.


Almo BrightSign BASIC Onboarding & Concierge Service

Almo’s digital signage service team will handle presentation and media player setup, along with simple training on day-to-day content management.

This service is intended for end-clients with basic content needs only – such as slide shows, videos, Live TV zones, and simple RSS tickers.  More complicated presentation requires a custom quote. Almo will perform the following:

•BrightSign Network setup

•Initial playlists build (using end user supplied images/videos)

•Zone layout

•Basic ticker setup (RSS feeds, text)

•Initial content upload to BSN

•Initial content testing

Almo will remotely configure the BrightSign player (requires some integrator or end user involvement), including custom networking configurations.  After configuration, the player will be ready for installation on client’s network, and will begin playback of client provided content (requires BrightSign Network subscription).

Almo will provide 30 minutes of training on regular content management tasks including uploading new media, playlist editing, editing ticker messages, content publishing, and proper media formatting for images and videos. Training does not cover advanced player setup, content editing with third party software, HTML content, or other complex tasks.


BrightSign Basic Training

Training is conducted via web or phone and screen share. The training will use the BrightAuthor software. Here’s what we cover:

• Overview of concepts for Digital Signage and BrightAuthor

• Creating a new project presentation

• Playlist editing and management

• Presentation publishing and presentation scheduling

• Multi-Zone Layouts with HTML and RSS content options

• Player setup and management via BrightAuthor

• BrightSign Network basics

• Dynamic Playlists (if using BSN)

Prerequisites: BrightAuthor downloaded on PC on network with player, Player setup and connected to network.

Almo BrightSign ADVANCED Onboarding & Concierge Service

This enhancement to our Basic Onboarding & Concierge and Player Configuration Services is for projects with a scope of work that include advanced integrations* such as:

• Video walls

• Synchronized playlists

• Emergency messaging

• 3rd party content

This service requires a custom quote and scope of work that will be created by our Digital Signage Service Team.

*Additional services not listed may qualify as advanced integrations and will be indicated on your custom quote.

Advanced BrightAuthor Programming

Almo offers BrightSign programming,

including the following:

•Interactive playlists development

•Control system integration

•Serial control

•UDP control

•Synchronized playlists

•BrightSign app interaction

•Live text

•Touch display interaction

•Custom scripts

•Linked zones / displays