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Listen Tech- LA-126

Antenna Kit for Rack Mount (216 MHz)

Manufacturer: Listen Tech
Category: Assistive Listening
SKU: LA-126
Availability: In Stock
MSRP: $61.00
The Listen Tech Antenna Kit for Rack Mount (216 MHz) LA-126 is used with the LA-326 Rack Mount Kit. It adapts the rack mount kit to become an antenna rack mount. It Includes a 90 degree Helical antenna. This kit can be used to build your own antenna. Compatible with the LT-800 Stationary Transmitter or LR-100 Stationary Receiver. This antenna provides good coverage.
  • Antenna Kit for Rack Mount (216 MHz)
  • One (1) LA-124 90° Helical Antenna (216 MHz)
  • One (1) 18 in. BNC to BNC Cable
  • One (1) BNC feed-through Connector
  • One (1) Manual
  • For use with rack mounts
  • Can be used to build-your-own
  • Use with LT-800 or LR-100
  • Good coverage