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Panasonic- TITAN-70

Tandem Gold Mount 70 Watt Charger Adapter, One Battery Position

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Category: Accessories
Availability: Call
MSRP: $711.00
Panasonic's Titan 70 Gold-Mount Charger/Power Supply is a small and light package that is both a charger and power supply. It incorporates all of the Logic Series circuits that are employed in every Anton Bauer charger. The fast charge feature makes it an suitable complement to a current Anton Bauer battery system and given its small size is suitable for travel. Like all Anton Bauer chargers, everything is automatic. Once a battery is placed onto the charger, it will automatically go into one of the three stage charging modes. If the unit and battery are then attached to a piece of equipment, the power supply mode will prevail, stopping all charging. Once the camera/camcorder is turned off, the Titan 70 will continue charging the battery, remembering where it previously stopped.
  • Panasonic Titan 70 Gold-Mount Charger/Power Supply
  • 70W power supply
  • Fast charging within one hour with most batteries (two hours with HyTRON series batteries)
  • Logic series technology
  • Wide range input (90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
  • Six independent charge termination systems
  • Lightweight