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Vaddio- 999-5660-000

AV Bridge MatrixMIX Switcher

Manufacturer: Vaddio
Category: Controller
SKU: 999-5660-000
Availability: Call
MSRP: $7,720.00
With its innovative crossover design, the AV Bridge MatrixMIX Multipurpose AV Switcher can be used in a host of applications including live production, automated presentation, and unified conferencing and collaboration. The AV Bridge MatrixMIX offers a multifunctional feature set to combine switching, advanced camera control, streaming and graphics mixing capabilities – all from a single appliance. This built-in versatility lets you enhance presentations or live events with graphics and interactive content for a superior user experience – and you can live stream it to a UCC application as well.
  • IP connectivity to controllers for virtualized control across the network
  • Intuitive, visually consistent interfaces – web interface or connected TeleTouch Multiviewer
  • Basic configuration tasks available from the front panel
  • Separate outputs for program, preview, and multiview
  • RS-232 ports for 6 cameras
  • HDMI inputs with embedded audio support - video from 6 cameras and 2 additional video sources
  • 2 microphone/line inputs and 2 line outputs
  • USB 3.0 port for uncompressed AV streaming, USB 2.0 ports for control (touch-panel or pointing device)
  • Network connection for IP H.264 streaming and virtualized control from anywhere
  • Graphics functions including keys, digital on-screen graphics, and banners
  • Automatic echo cancellation and speech lift for crystal-clear audio
  • Simultaneous USB and IP streaming outputs