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Top 10 Things Gary Kayye Saw at InfoComm 2019

Thursday, July 18, 2019
2PM You may not have been able to attend InfoComm 2019, the largest AV trade show in the North America, but you can still learn what the top-10 things Gary Kayye, founder of rAVe [Pubs], saw there this year. InfoComm 2019 was home to nearly 1,000 exhibitors, with too many products and new technologies to count. Even if you were able to attend the show, you may have missed something Gary thinks is a must-see. Gary will also identify the top emerging AV trends and technologies of which you should be aware. Sponsored by Epson. 
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Unlock the Secrets of Better Telecommunication Services and Bigger Annual Savings [1.0 CTS RU]

Thursday, July 11, 2019
2PM ET Join us as we examine the untapped potential of offering telecommunication services at every job site. As we continue to see AV over IP sweep the Pro A/V industry, it's becoming a priority for our customers to explore their current bandwidth needs and how today’s technology can impact system performance from multiple directions. Nobody wants a slow internet speed to be the reason why a brand new video wall isn’t functioning correctly……but why stop there?! Internet Bandwidth, Full-Service Voice Solutions, Live TV Programming, and a host of other essential services are what the end user is in need of and with a lifetime recurring commission model in place, the value is there for the integrators as well. It is time to make up for lost margins and become a full solution provider before the industry sprints further ahead.
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An Explanation of Barco UniSee Features and Partner Ecosystems

Thursday, June 20, 2019
Join Barco this Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 2 P.M. ET, as they explore the benefits of different Barco UniSee innovations and their strategic alliance and ecosystem partners, hosted by Corwin Hamm, Business Development Manager. He will share the latest enhancements added to the Barco UniSee offerings available. This webinar will not only offer inspiration for your next project, but it will also save you time and money when assessing available options and solutions for video wall projects.Barco revolutionized the traditional LCD video wall experience with its introduction of Barco UniSee. And great products become even better when complemented with great third-party add-ons. That is why an increasing number of AV manufacturers and top players now offer additional components for the Barco UniSee video wall platform. Think trim solutions, mounting structures, touch overlays, etc.
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Thursday, June 6, 2019
2PM ET Join us for an informative session highlighting Almo’s programming services. We will review which control systems and DSP platforms we work on, requirements for obtaining an estimate, and general process guidelines. We will discuss Watchdog Enterprise IoT Monitoring Platform, and its use in the AV industry and the many applications and verticals it can be developed within.
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SEEING DOUBLE! Why Samsung Dual-Sided Displays are Ideal for Retail Signage [.5 CTS RU]

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Learn why Samsung's new and innovative dual sided semi-outdoor and full outdoor large format displays (LFD) represent a unique and ideal approach to providing digital signage for retail and retail-type signage applications. In this webinar, meet with Jonathan Brawn from Brawn Consulting to learn about how Samsung has improved and advanced this specialized type of signage, and what makes it ideal for retail customers. We will cover what makes outdoor and semi-outdoor LFD products different from indoor, what types of specifications to look out for, and how these new dual sided displays work.
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Why UCC Spaces are Defining the Future of Interactivity Everywhere [1 CTS RU]

Thursday, May 30, 2019
3PM ET Interactivity used to be relegated to the most expensive plain-old whiteboard anyone ever purchased - the SmartBoard. As you know, most of them were installed with good intentions but ended up being used as, well, just a whiteboard. But, companies like Avocor and Zoom have simplified and amped-up interactivity starting with small meeting rooms and UCC spaces - and they’re now setting the bar for the future of all spaces - not just UCC spaces. UCC spaces are, interestingly enough, the fastest growing segment of the meeting room market right now. And, using Zoom, Teams, and interfaces like Quicklaunch, make them, by far, the simplest to meet in. You don’t have to get to the meeting 15-minutes before it starts to make sure it all works, you don’t have to relearn the gear when you move from room to room and you don’t have to practice using it. It. Just. Works. Well, these design principles and the forthcoming transformation towards interactivity will be credited to the Collaboration Board and UCC spaces. Classrooms, active learning spaces, control rooms, and even digital signage will all benefit from what we are learning in the UCC space and companies like Avocor, Zoom, Epson, Sharp, and others will play a big part in their transformation towards interactivity, everywhere. And, it’s thanks to the thing we all love to hate, the network. This webinar will help you understand the state of the UCC space, how its tech is moving outside the UCC space and where you will see the growth opportunities for your company. Join us as Gary Kayye talks about this network-based revolution towards interactivity along with Avocor's Dana Corey. It’s free, worth 1 AVIXA CTS RU.
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B-B-B-Baby UniSee N-N-Nothin' Yet

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
2PM In 2017 Barco launched UniSee, a groundbreaking new platform for the LCD video wall market.  Since then, they have continued to lead the video wall revolution and are shaping the future the LCD world.  And that shape is curved!  Perfect alignment?  Easy servicing?  Low risk of damaging panels?  Too good to be true?  No!  But don’t take our word for it.  Join us for an exclusive journey as Corwin Hamm, Business Development at Barco, dives into the Barco LCD portfolio.  Learn for yourself how Barco is opening a new video wall world of opportunity for you.  Here’s something you’re n-n-never gonna forget.
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Panasonic redesigning Visual IoT Experiences based on intel® Smart Display Module

Thursday, May 9, 2019
2PM ET Join us for an informative session highlighting Panasonic and Intel’s integration of Intel Smart Display Module in Panasonic 4K professional display series. We will review what is Intel SDM, Distinguish between SDM and OPS and how they complement and support each other, how Intel SDM enables Panasonic displays to unlock endless functionality, and real examples of what is being developed today for this technology. We will discuss how Intel and Panasonic are looking to redefine visual IoT experiences, and its use in the AV industry and the many applications and verticals it can be leveraged within.
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How To Successfully Implement Communication Services Into Your Hospitality Business

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
1PM ET Are you boosting your recurring revenue by offering communication services to your customers? If you’re not you should be! We’re here to show you how easy it can be with Almo nobox doing all of the heavy lifting and acting as your partner to help uncover and fulfill business that comes your way.Don’t let opportunities to increase margin pass you by. Join us to learn how simple it is to implement communication services into your business.Rob Voorhees, Business Development Manager of Almo nobox Connected Services will walk you through a deep-dive, start to finish of how a typical opportunity works. He’ll review all of the variables involved and address how to overcome the most common objections you’re likely to encounter.In less than 45 minutes you’ll gain the knowledge and tools you need to increase your bottom line while also improving your customers’ experiences each and every time.Whether you’re an existing Services Partner or brand new to the concept, this webinar is perfect for everyone. Register now to hear proven success stories and HOW TO sell recurring internet, video, voice, security and mobility solutions. Your customers are sourcing these services somewhere, why not through you?One lucky attendee will win a Nonstop Station W Wireless Charging Station!
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AV Services - Control Systems & DSP Programming

Thursday, May 2, 2019
2PM ET Join us for an informative session highlighting Almo’s programming services. We will review which control systems and DSP platforms we work on, requirements for obtaining an estimate, and general process guidelines. We will discuss Watchdog Enterprise IoT Monitoring Platform, and its use in the AV industry and the many applications and verticals it can be developed within.
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AV Starts with A and the ‘A’ is WAY More Profitable than the ‘V’

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
2PM ET This webinar is designed to be the perfect “stage of the audio industry” session. AV includes audio. The V in "AV" gets all the glitz and glamour, but the A, ironically, is more profitable. While video is an art, audio is a science — and that science basically grew this industry. AV started with A. And, the A is where all the emotion comes from. Companies like Zoom have revolutionized the UCC experience but, did you know that there are UCC-specific audio solutions that simplify installs, too? And, did you know that echo cancellation isn’t the most important part of a video call any longer? Now we have beamforming microphone arrays that, with DSP, can revolutionize audio installs. And did you know that the industry’s largest audio-over-IP “standard” (Dante) can now carry video over the network too? So, if you’re in AV, consider the A-side and attend this webinar as Gary will explore where the money is and what the future holds as we transition to an AV-over-IP world.
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The Silent AV Project Killer: Identifying Team Dysfunction and Pathways to a Cure

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
From system design, through engineering review, and final installation, AV projects depend on teams for their success. Some teams seem to work better than others. Some project managers have smooth installations and others flounder. Some companies innovate and attract strong employees. Others stagnate and lose top talent. In this class, we'll identify factors contributing to team success or failure and help participants determine pathways to getting 'every brain in the game,' gaining buy-in towards team goals, and getting all hands pulling together to implement better projects faster. Learning Objectives - Understand how team function impacts AV system design, engineering review, and project management - Estimate the function and dysfunction levels of their design, engineering, and installation teams - Formulate a plan to improve team contributions for AV System implementations
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The Digital Signage Webinar - What's What and Who's Who

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
The digital signage market is only a decade old but it's already been anointed "the future of advertising". Just a few years ago, nearly $180 Billion was spent worldwide on TV ads. But, as fewer people are watching what's known as "linear TV," advertising dollars are shifting into social media, digital media and digital signage. Just look around and see how many digital signs there are today compared to just two years ago. They're everywhere.The ProAV market is going to play, in a big way, in that growth. Both in hardware and software, and hopefully, in content, too.Gary Kayye's latest webinar will give you a great overview on where the digital signage market is now - both with hardware and software. And, did you know that two digital signage giants just launched cloud-based signage services for the ProAV integrator, too? Gary will cover that as well. He'll also take a look at how unusual, creative signage technologies like transparent displays, wallpaper-like displays and projection are likely to impact the digital signage market. And of course, he'll tell you exactly how you can get started.
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Start Profiting MORE from Pro Audio Sales with Ecler  

Monday, February 25, 2019
2PM ET This webinar covers an overview of the Ecler audio brand, key commercial products, and capabilities. This unique and exclusive partnership between Ecler and Almo provides integrators and resellers the opportunity to profit more from audio sales.  With benefits like bid registration, deep stock levels, and distribution through ALMO only, this removes unwanted pricing wars and hassles. With deep roots in the audio industry and high profile clients, learn what Ecler  can offer you and your customers. Join us!
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Kayye’s Krystal Ball - What Will Happen with AV in 2019 [1.0 CTS RU]

Tuesday, January 29, 2019
2PM ET This is the one webinar you DO NOT want to miss. Gary Kayye’s annual Krystal Ball series, which comes out each January, is likely the most-read news article in AV every year. Why? Well, he’s usually right -- like 90 percent of the time. For example, he predicted the impact that Bluetooth would have on the ProAV market even when others were calling it just a consumer standard -- he did the same with Dante. He correctly identified that HDMI would become the standard in signal routing three yearsbefore anyone else was talking about it. He did the same with 4K. And, OLED and 3LCD vs. DLP. Oh, and HDBaseT. So, if you want to know what he thinks of AV-over-IP, the new rollable OLEDs, the collaboration board market, the future of meetings rooms and what’s likely to happen with the control system market in 2019, then register for this webinar today! Those that attend will also be the first to get access to his 2019 Krystal Ball Predictions article too. If you want to be the first in your office to be "in the know," then keep the signup details to yourself. Or you can be nice and share. Either way, you’ll end up being one of the first to know which technology trends to watch for in 2019. Which one are you? A sharer or a keeper? This webinar is sponsored by LG and is CTS RU approved.
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AV Snack: Houses of Worship - Audio Changes & Challenges

Thursday, November 8, 2018
3PM EST Some of the most challenging spaces to install audio are in houses of worship. Facility layout, materials used, and program type all factor into the design. New technologies now allow shut-ins to attend services remotely. Join us as we discuss this interesting market and approaches to successful installations.
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AV Snack: Get in the zone with our audio zoning tips!

Thursday, October 18, 2018
2PM EST Many rooms, many audio sources, many options! In this webinar, Business Development Manager, Steve Alexander, will review the needs, challenges, and options available for zoned audio within a facility.  From day spas to restaurants & bars, many businesses provide background music, play-by-play audio and even live audio events within their walls. The ability to effectively route audio throughout the facility gives the owner greater control of his customers’ experience. What we will cover: learn when a zoned audio solution is required, identify challenges of varying audio throughout a facility, explain different control options, and summarize solutions available.
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A Discussion of the Now & Future of BYOD and Wireless Collaboration

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
It all started with Barco’s ClickShare, the market leader in BYOD and wireless collaboration, back in 2012. But, now Crestron, AMX, Extron, Vivitek, Lumens, Kramer and even a tiny company called AirTame all have wireless sharing and BYOD devices aimed at small meeting room and huddle spaces.  So, where are we now? Who has what and whose does what? And, where is this market heading? Will we eventually see BYOD and collaboration in every classroom, corporate meeting room, auditorium and government install? Or has this market segment peaked?  rAVe’s outspoken founder, Gary Kayye, has used the Almo E4 AV Tour and webinar series to make a lot of future-forward predictions about the commercial AV market -- and nearly all of them have come true. He’s going to use this webinar to predict the future of collaboration, BYOD and whether the wireless world will still be around in this future-looking AV-over-IP destination we’re quickly driving towards. And, best of all, he’ll "show you da money" in the future of it all!Watch this insightful (and profitable, for you) webinar where Gary explores ALL of the wireless collaboration tools and who’s likely to dominate the landscape.
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The State of the LED Market: From Stadiums to Boardrooms

Thursday, September 27, 2018
LED has experienced explosive market growth over the past three years. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other display technology that’s experienced the market growth that LED has. And it’s not Just for stadiums, arenas and billboard any more. Now, LEDs are everywhere -- inside and outside. In fact, it’s probably the one technology that will likely, one day, usurp the LCD. Now we even have LEDs with a fine enough pixel-pitch to go into meeting rooms.  This webinar, led by rAVe founder Gary Kayye, is designed to update you on where we are right now with LED and where it’s heading over the next 12 months. He’ll cover the technology, the new applications LED-based products are likely to end up in and give you an update on the market leaders. If you sell displays going into meeting rooms, retail stores, boardrooms, schools, airports or if you just do meeting rooms, you should consider watching this webinar and understand what’s what and where you can make money selling and installing LEDs. This webinar is sponsored by Leyard Planar
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Small Room. Big Benefits. Gain huge insight on small huddle space audio challenges and how to solve them.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
2PM ET Step into any office nowadays and chances are you’ll find a huddle space—and it’s even more likely that the audio system in there isn’t getting the job done. How can technology help you improve the huddle space experience for both the near and far end? We have the answer, and you can learn all about it in this webinar. Topics covered: the huddle room as collaboration space, huddle room technical challenges, and solutions to enhance communication and collaboration, including the Biamp Devio and AMX Sound bar. Don’t miss this opportunity to get up to speed on the best small huddle room solution available today. Register now!
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